FORBES – Mickael Mosse Affirms Commitment to Redefining Online Banking with BancaNEO

Young French entrepreneur Mickael Mosse is leading a modern organization to serve the underbanked and provide exceptional financial operation services for businesses. “We didn’t set out to build a bank. We set out to build a better world. That could mean more money in your pocket — and more power to do good in your hands” …

Young French entrepreneur Mickael Mosse is leading a modern organization to serve the underbanked and provide exceptional financial operation services for businesses.

“We didn’t set out to build a bank. We set out to build a better world. That could mean more money in your pocket — and more power to do good in your hands” Mickael Mosse said.

Most people in the world choose to do business with a financial institution, whether it’s as a bank customer or a credit union member.

Maintaining a bank account and tapping into the credit card products and other services these institutions offer is, for many, a necessary part of personal finance. But most folks may not consider other aspects of their financial institutions, like what other companies or political agendas they may support.

Some consumers may not care either way. But the more socially conscious among us may take pause when we hear that our bank of choice spends big bucks supporting the fossil fuel industry or contributing funds to politicians whose interests don’t align with our own.

For these folks, BancaNEO offers a fresh take on financial institutions. BancaNEO doesn’t put money into big oil or shady political campaigns. And it goes a step further and facilitates ways in which its customers — through their bank accounts and debit card purchases — can help make positive impacts in the fight against climate change.

We recently spoke with Mickael Mosse, CEO and Founder of BancaNEO, to learn more about the financial institution’s novel and progressive approach to banking and how customers are helping to fight climate change and create a sustainable future.

A Bank Designed to Build a Better World

Mickael Mosse is no stranger to issues surrounding climate change or finance. “I’ve worked on a lot of issues around sustainability and in financial opportunity going back for a long time.”

I really saw that there was a need for a different kind of financial institution, one that put people and the planet first,” Mosse said. “And the current options that people had around financial products were counter to that.” He said banks were often taking consumer deposits and lending them out to oil, gas, and drilling companies.

We wanted to create a different set of financial products — ones that help our customers bring sustainability action into their daily lives,” Mickael Mosse said.

BancaNEO not only helps its customers make positive changes on the planet but it also prioritizes the needs of those same customers. “Big Banks work their hardest for the wealthiest few. At BancaNEO, we work to bring the best financial solutions to everyone,” according to the organization.

Plant a Tree With Every Purchase

“BancaNEO offers socially-conscious and sustainable cash management services and investment products, so you can make money while making the world a better place,” according to the company. “And, unlike the Big Banks, we don’t use your deposits to fund oil pipelines or turn your fees into campaign contributions to the politicians that work against you.”

BancaNEO’s account is the primary way the company is able to help customers make a difference.

“Turn every transaction into positive action,” according to the company. “Plant a climate change-fighting tree with every purchase by rounding up to the nearest whole euro. And know that your deposits won’t fund fossil fuel projects like pipelines, oil drilling and coal mines when you open an BancaNEO account”

Given its socially conscious mission and approach to banking, BancaNEO wanted to make sure it offered something special when it decided to enter the debit card space.

“It couldn’t be just another debit card, but something in keeping with why customers come to BancaNEO in the first place,” he said. “That’s why we created BancaNEO
card. The BancaNEO card is really built around being a tool for people to eliminate their carbon footprint.”

He said it’s the frst product of any kind that, simply by using it on a daily basis, can completely eliminate a person’s carbon footprint, based on the impact of the average European.

“Every time you make a purchase on your BancaNEO card, BancaNEO plants a tree, and then we let you round up that purchase to the nearest Euro so, with your spare
change, you can plant a tree as well,” Mickael Mosse explained. He said that if someone is making 30 purchases a month and rounding up, that’s about 60 trees planted.

Mickael Mosse – CEO BancaNEO / FORBES

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Customers Earn Financial Rewards While Fightng Climate Change

BancaNEO’s mission to support sustainability and a healthy planet is a noble mission, but the company didn’t forget that customers also want other rewards. “We wanted to make sure that we’re giving people financial incentives,” Mickael Mosse said.

So customers are able to reap financial rewards and the reward of knowing they are helping to eliminate their negative impact on the planet. And, again, customers can rest assured that BancaNEO is sticking to its environmentally friendly mission.

“BancaNEO is 100%,” according to the company. “The four biggest banks in America lend more than $240 billion of their customers’ money to fossil fuel projects, every year. Every 1,000 euro you transfer to BancaNEO has the planet-saving climate impact of 6,000 fewer miles driven by the average car.”

If you’re someone who feels a bit uneasy knowing that your financial institution may be supportng industries working against sustainability and social positons that are important to you, BancaNEO may be just the financial institution for you.

Welcome to BancaNEO — a new kind of financial partner that puts our customers and their conscience first. Open your personal or business account with BancaNEO
today by clicking HERE (htps://



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