All you need to develop a superior market offering

Expand your clients’ opportunities through seamless data integration and exchange.

Payment gateway to Centrolink

An automated cloud-based service for payment management across Europe.

  • Direct connection to SEPA
  • Issuance of unique EUR IBANs
  • SEPA transfers
  • Fees lower than those set by commercial banks

Card API

Generate and issue physical and virtual cards through cutting-edge API technology.

  • Customizable cards
  • Full control over transaction approval and management
  • No third party involvement

Payment API

Give your clients access to a set of robust tools for flexible and powerful money management.

  • IBAN generation
  • Account & card balance check
  • Transfer history
  • Internal & Outgoing payments
  • Profile creation
  • Card top-up

API for card acquiring

Generate customized physical and virtual cards for online and in-store payments. A fully automated, easily scalable and secure service, powered by Mastercard.

  • Full compliance
  • Flexible rates & tariffs
  • No collateral requirements
  • Tailor-made fees