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Card White label program with a European Mastercard licensee

Fast & Easy Online Banking

Issue cards at custom-made fees

Give your customers a secure and convenient tool for daily online and in-store payments and money transfers.

  • Card design confirmation in 2 days
  • No collateral requirements
  • Flexible tariffs
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Tailor-made setup fees
  • API integration
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Virtual and physical cards

Essential tools for simple and fast payments, online and in-store. With a virtual card you get all the benefits of a physical one, without waiting or paying more for card issuance.

  • Virtual cards : A perfect solution for secure online payments.
  • Physical cards : A great solution for daily transactions.

For financial institutions and fintech startups

  • No limits on your first order
  • Full compliance ensured
  • No overpaying for setup and collateral fees
  • Payroll programs
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What are the steps?
1- Reach out and get an offer
2- Standard KYC procedures and compliance check *We will continue to further assist you with compliance
3- Card design creation and approval
4- Tech integration and customization *Support will continue to be available in the future
5- Final steps and preparation for product launching

Create your own solution for any target group

  • Students : Offer the younger generation a tool for early financial decisions.
  • Freelancers : Issue cards that freelancers can link to their accounts on online platforms.
  • IT : Introduce cards that cover personal and corporate expenses
  • Crewing companies : Equip foreign workers with an essential tool for payroll distribution.
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