FINTECHZOOM – Mickael Mosse will soon launch its new “Be your own banker” offer with BancaNEO

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  • August 20, 2021
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“Be your own banker” is a new opportunity that will allow BancaNEO clients who wish to become co-owner of their bank.

Each BancaNEO customer will have the opportunity to subscribe to shares in the company to become a member. Being a member will allow them to express their point of view on the major orientations of their bank. So, if you are a member of BancaNEO, then you are a co-owner with the other members. Being as close as possible to our customers, by conveying strong and united values, this is BancaNEO’s desire. Our client-members will have the opportunity to participate in the life of the bank and to express their expectations. Mickael Mosse said.

Mickael Mosse – CEO BancaNEO

Become a client-member: get involved in the life of your bank.

You are a client, but by choosing to be a client-member of BancaNEO, you become an actor in
the life of your bank and participate in decisions.

Being at the heart of your bank.

BancaNEO places its clients at the heart of its initiatives. Consequently, it reports also to its client-members, as well to elected clientmembers directors. Proof of this commitment at BancaNEO, our account managers are not commissioned on products.

Have access to more information.

As a client-member, the bank belongs to you. You are thus individually informed of BancaNEO’s results during General Meetings.

Have weight in decisions.

Being a client-member is also being able to give your opinion. Once a year, you are therefore invited to the General Assembly. The “one man = one voice” principle will allow you to express your expectations while influencing decisions.

Does being a member really mean being co-owner of an entire bank?

Indirectly yes. Because the new organization of BancaNEO will make them co-owners of the main structures that own and control the Group as a whole.

What does it bring to be a co-owner of your bank?

Many advantages are often put forward by the members themselves. For many, it is a question of defending a more ethical economic model. Through the acquisition of shares, through your investments, the services you subscribe to, you make work a structure that is accountable to you and whose results are not only redistributed to shareholders but are also allocated to the consolidation of equity. This organization is favorable to members because it contributes to the
permanent improvement of the quality / price ratio. The surpluses made are not intended for the personal enrichment of a few, but for the consolidation of a common project.

How to become a member?

To become a member, you must have subscribed for category A shares for a minimum amount of € 500. Their ownership confers the status of member. As such, the holder of A shares may take part in General Meetings, according to the cooperative principle “one member, one vote”. The A shares are not remunerated. The member may request the resale of all or part of his A shares at any time, subject to the agreement of the board of directors. There are no costs relating to the subscription or resale of A shares.

An official announcement of the launch date will be made by BancaNEO’s board of directors in a few weeks. Stay informed by following BancaNEO on and on

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