Banca Neo Announces Digital Banking Platform Using Advanced Technology to Serve Users and Fight Climate Change

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  • July 20, 2021
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Young French entrepreneur Mickael Mosse is leading a modern organization to serve the underbanked and provide exceptional 9inancial operation services for businesses.

Latvia: There are currently over 2 billion people worldwide who are unbanked for several reasons. Lack of a bank account reduces the economic advantage of the individuals and is one of the causes of poverty. A modern bank, Banca Neo, is confronting the problems using modern and advanced technology.

Banca Neo announces its platform offering people the opportunity to open a bank account and begin their journey to 9inancial self-suf9iciency. The company offers account opening for individuals and businesses, which they can use to start making transactions, purchases, and payments. They use modern and advanced software that is dependable, ensuring that client’s data and information are kept safe and secured.

“The idea of creating this company was born from the desire to offer online banking services simpli9ied, intuitive, and adapted to today’s world and technologies while 9ighting against climate change,” said Mickael Mosse, CEO, and founder of BancaNEO. “We’re a digital bank geared towards a new generation of businesses and on a mission to serve the underbanked. So if you don’t 9it into the traditional mold, you’ll 9it right in with us.”

Mickael Mosse is a young French entrepreneur who has vast experience in the 9inance and digital space. He was inspired to found BancaNEO after realizing the negative effect of being underbanked to billions of people worldwide.

The modern FinTech with head of9ice located in the Baltic States (Vilnius, Riga, and Tallin) is spearheading a banking ideology that will transform lives and help more people achieve 9inancial inclusion.

Apart from personal and business account opening services, BancaNEO also offers payment cards, currency exchange, banking as a service, and software as a service. They help businesses set up simple and functional payment systems, while 9intech companies rely on their payment infrastructure for seamless operation.

BancaNEO is built to function and integrate with other programs to run accounts and effectively manage user data and information. With the use of security technologies and systems like Unique SEPA IBAN, and smart security using EMI licenses, users are guaranteed their money is in safe hands. Businesses can use BancaNEO’s simple remote setup and interactive mobile UI, card use functionality, and customized solutions to run eCommerce sites and trading companies.

Every tool needed to grow the business and service customers is available at an affordable cost.

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BANCA NEO is a modern and advanced digital banking platform with the head of9ice located in the Baltic States (Vilnius, Riga, and Tallin). The company has a team of experts who use the latest technology and tools to manage clients’ accounts and help them run a successful business.

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