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Fintech trends to help improve your financial services in 2021/2022

The fast-evolving pace fintech is moving at requires companies to keep up and continue providing services that customers seek. That includes digital payment innovations and investment in new technologies. All this is done to create a digital banking and fintech ecosystem that is secure, trustworthy, and convenient. Let’s look at some fintech developments that might aid you

BancaNEO introduces advanced AML controls with Napier

BancaNEO with Satchel, is the latest to deploy Napier’s scalable AI-enhanced technology as the firm targets further international growth. With Napier’s Transaction Screening solution, BancaNE0 is now able to screen millions of transactions against sanctions and watch lists to reduce the risk of sending to or receiving funds from sanctioned entities. It has been designed

What will be the next “big thing” in finance in 2022?

We say biometric payments. 2021 is bringing significant changes to financial services in terms of digitalization. Customers are becoming more and more dependent on online services and personalized technologies, which helps businesses expand their target audiences and grow faster. According to experts, the financial services market is set to hit $26.5 trillion by 2022. Fintech innovations

Mickael Mosse Announces Digital Banking Platform to serve the underbanked and Fight Climate Change

FROM : INSIDERMONKEY There are currently over 2 billion people worldwide who are unbanked for several reasons. Lack of a bank account reduces the economic advantage of the individuals and is one of the causes of poverty. A modern bank, Banca Neo, is confronting the problems using modern and advanced technology. BancaNEO announces its platform offering

FINTECHZOOM – Mickael Mosse will soon launch its new “Be your own banker” offer with BancaNEO

“Be your own banker” is a new opportunity that will allow BancaNEO clients who wish to become co-owner of their bank. Each BancaNEO customer will have the opportunity to subscribe to shares in the company to become a member. Being a member will allow them to express their point of view on the major orientations of their

FORBES NEWS – Mickael Mosse is gearing up for an imminent launch of the white label bank offer for the Brazilian market, in just a month, with no license requirements

Not a bank but want to act like one? BancaNEO can provide you with a white-label bank solution covering technology, compliance, risk management, go to market strategy and customer service. You take care of your own brand and choose the key products of your choice, we will customise, deploy and run your bank, in just

FORBES – Mickael Mosse Affirms Commitment to Redefining Online Banking with BancaNEO

FORBES – July 29th, 2021 Young French entrepreneur Mickael Mosse is leading a modern organization to serve the underbanked and provide exceptional financial operation services for businesses. “We didn’t set out to build a bank. We set out to build a better world. That could mean more money in your pocket — and more power to Affirms Commitment to Redefining Online Banking

Most people in the world choose to do business with a financial institution, whether it’s as a bank customer or a credit union member. Maintaining a bank account and tapping into the credit card products and other services these institutions offer is, for many, a necessary part of personal finance. But most folks may not

BancaNEO – Reforest while you shop!

BancaNEO, Different by design. We didn’t set out to build a bank. We set out to build a better world.That could mean more money in your pocket – and more power to do good in your hands. Turn every transaction into positive action.Reforest while you shop! We work with leading reforestation partners around the world.Turn

Fast currency exchange, without hidden fees

Still think all currency exchange is the same? Upgrade to flexible rates and a tailored approach, based on the amount and frequency of your transactions. Enjoy the most competitive pricing thanks to our partnerships with multiple providers. Currencies we support Multi-currency transfers made easy A multi-currency IBAN linked to your Satchel account allows you to

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